Unusual gems, particularly bright and rare coloured tourmalines, inspire Beazie's fine jewellery. Beazie seeks not the flawlessness of perfect 'clean' stones, but what most people call flaws or inclusions and she calls ‘character’. In the right form - a window, a mark or fleck of copper – can give a stone a distinctive beauty and intensity of colour.  

Beazie’s use of metals, too, breaks away from convention. Beazie often prefers to use lower carat rose and yellow gold combined with platinum to give a pale and elegant hue with excellent durability. She is also frequently drawn to remove exceptional and quirky stones from vintage pieces in order to rework them into her designs.


Beazie finds inspiration for her designs in curious and familiar objects; it might be the corner detail of a child's toy, the spiral of a broken shell or the curved wing of a marine propeller.